Thinking Studio

coaching for people in the arts and beyond

In essence, coaching is a way of unlocking people’s potential to maximise their performance. At its core, coaching is a structured conversation that provides an open and creative space

– a dedicated YOU space –

where you can do your most challenging and productive thinking, as well as helping you to identify and elicit your own solutions to the challenges you face.

Coaching enables you to define GOALS and is primarily future focused. It is a highly personalised process which can work across all areas of your life and is ideal for…

  • personal development
  • overcoming blocks or feelings of being ‘stuck’
  • dealing with issues and challenges
  • increasing confidence
  • changing and/or developing direction

The coach does not advise or guide but instead, through attentive, rigorous listening, reflection, neutrality and careful questioning, focuses on your specific context, where you can explore and pursue your own thinking.

Coaching is different to counselling/therapy and even mentoring.
It is non-directive – you take the reigns in exploring the what, where and how of your creativity, practice or business.
It is pro-active – coaching sessions focus on what you want to achieve.
It is non-hierarchical – the coach works alongside and with the coachee throughout the process, there is neither a hierarchy of expertise or knowledge, nor is there any judgement or